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Special Session Title:

Evolutionary Algorithms for Mixed-Integer Optimization Problems (CEC-33)


2016 IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation (CEC)


Martin Schlueter, Hernan Aguirre, Akira Oyama


Many real-world applications are based on both: continuous and discrete parameters. Optimization models that consider these two kind of parameters simultaneously are referred to as mixed-integer problems and are exceptionally difficult to solve. While there exists comprehensive analysis of deterministic algorithms for mixed-integer problems, evolutionary algorithms for this kind of problem is still a young and emerging field. Considering the robustness of evolutionary algorithms and their often existing capability for parallelization and multi/many-objective optimization, evolutionary algorithms can offer a significant new potential for the class of mixed-integer problems. In the context of evolutionary computing, this will be the first session especially dedicated to mixed-integer problems.

Scope and Topics:

This special session intends to bring together researchers who apply evolutionary algorithms and other search heuristics on mixed integer optimization problems. Aim of this session is to provide a forum, where experience and new techniques in solving mixed-integer problems via such methods is shared and discussed. The main topics include but are not limited to:

#) Evolutionary algorithms and other search heuristics
#) Hybrid approaches combining various methods
#) Computational comparisons
#) Theoretical analysis
#) Single and multi/many-objective problems
#) Constraint and unconstrained optimization
#) Real-world applications
#) Academic benchmark sets
#) Parallelization techniques for mixed-integer algorithms
#) Large-scale mixed integer problems
#) Mixed-integer problems with stochastic noise

Important Dates

Submission Deadline: Jan. 31, 2016 (extended)
Notification of Acceptance: Mar. 15, 2016
Final Paper Submission: Apr. 15, 2016

Contact Information:

For any inquires on this special session, please feel free to contact:

Martin Schlueter
Institute of Space and Astronautical Science
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)
Tel +81-50-3362-5040, Fax +81-42-759-8461
Email: martin [at-symbol]

Hernan Aguirre
Associate Professor
Faculty of Engineering, Shinshu University, JAPAN
Tel. +81-26-269-5253, Fax. +81-26-269-5220
Email: ahernan [at-symbol]

Akira Oyama
Institute of Space and Astronautical Science
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)
Tel 050-3362-4172, Fax 042-759-8461
Email: oyama [at-symbol]

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Some mixed-integer (MINLP) benchmark resources:

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